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Durif in North East Victoria

02nd July 2020 | Written by client

Baileys makes two wines from the same variety. One labelled as Durif and another under the synonym Petite Sirah

The Baileys Durif and Petite Sirah is simply an interpretation of style. Our Durif is made in the typical North east Victorian mould. Rich and Robust, dark fruit, with prominent tannin structure. A lengthy spell in American Oak to balance the weight of the wine.

Our Petite Sirah is similar to the Californian examples. Whilst still a generously Flavoured red, it is more lifted and aromatic, with finer spicier texture, due to part maturation in new and seasoned French Oak. Both styles cellar extremely well.

The variety was first propagated in the 1860s in France by botanist Francois Durif. It is unknown if the cross pollination was intended or a glorious accident, but the new found variety was later shown to be a cross of Shiraz and much lesser known Peloursin.

Today Durif is all but non-existent in France, with Australia and California the two strongholds of the variety. Since arriving in Australia in 1908 Durif is grown almost exclusively in North East Victoria, but is now increasingly more common throughout Australia. In California the variety is grown and known as Petite Sirah.

Durif thrives in North East Victoria mostly due to climate. The long mild vintages we have in the North East allows Durif to achieve full fruit and phenolic (tannin) ripeness. Durif has a significant dislike for humidity, which is seldom a factor in our dry, continental climate.

The Baileys Durif and Petite Sirah are enormously popular at the cellar door, the perfect duo for the cooler months accompanied with rich food. Enjoy with slow braises, roast beef and matured cheese.


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